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Welcome to Israel

My name is Chaim Dymchitz and I grew up in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. I am passionate about history, culture and geography and profoundly enjoy the richness of the human spirit. I live in Jerusalem with my wife and two small daughters and am intimately acquainted with the heartbeat of the holy city, its alleyways, courtyards, sacred places, and lookouts. I know and love the entire sweep of the Land of Israel, its biblical significance, its history and geography.

Together we can walk where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob walked. Experience the remnants of the first temple period, enter the caves of fighters who defied the mighty empire of Rome, visit medieval Crusader fortresses and citadels still spread across the land, experience the natural beauty of the Galilee, the Golan Heights, Ein Gedi, the Judean desert, the Mitzpe Ramon crater and countless other places in this small land of natural wonders.

I’m a private licensed tour guide and conduct my tours in English, Yiddish, and Hebrew.

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Experience the land of Milk and Honey

I invite you to join my free, weekly, public tour of Jerusalem to discover the holy city in a different way. Let’s have a fun time unlocking the secrets of Jerusalem together. There’s no charge. If you have a great time, feel free to make a contribution.

Let’s uncover the historical and cultural layers of Jerusalem together. We’ll walk the 2000-year-old stone pavements of the second temple era, explore the hasidic alleyways of Mea Shearim, savour the enticing flavours of the shuk and discover secret corners of the city. We’ll design the itinerary to match your wishes.

The ultimate experience – a tour tailored to your every desire! Transport, accommodation and your favourite restaurants. From the North to the South. Countless places and attractions in this small land of natural wonders. You decide what you want to see and eat. Leave the rest to us.

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Testimonials from happy Clients

We had a really amazing experience. Chaim the tour guide was very knowledgeable and really funny. We had a great time.

Josch Cohen

Fantastic fun exciting creative tour guide really knows his stuff and knows how to make it interesting for both adults and children highly recommend.


Being on a tour with Chaim is a unique experience. His knowledge makes places come alive and his warm, humorous personality is a pleasure to be around. Once you’ve toured with Chaim, you’ll want to come back for more.

Pearl Lam

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